Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I become a VENDOR?

A. Anyone can be a vendor by simply having a yard sale in their yard, at their business or setting up in designated vendor places. Many communities have different places where vendors from within and outside of that town can set up a booth. Clusters of vendors may be found along the route.

Q. What can I SELL?

A. Almost anything. Junk, furniture, books, arts & crafts, paintings, toys, old farm equipment, tools, records, dishes and glassware, photo equipment, bicycles, motorcycles, boats, cars, trailers are all desirable items. Some things to consider, however, are business licenses and health department permits. Each town has different rules and regulations so persons should be sure to check with the local City Hall and Health Department where they set up their booth for any licenses or permits they may need to purchase.

Q. WHERE will the YARD SALES be?

A. Yard sales will be found along the route at homes located on the designated route, in businesses parking lots, along side streets adjacent to the route, in wide open fields and pastures (remember, these roads pass through beautiful rural areas with farms and ranches and some of the most beautiful scenery you will find anywhere), and basically anywhere people can find to set up. Some areas will have large numbers of vendors in one group, others may be scattered and in some instances you may travel for several miles or more without seeing a yard sale because of the distances between homes in rural areas.

Q. What time do the SALES BEGIN?

A. Each vendor is on their own and can choose when he wants to begin but typically vendors would be active by 8:00 a.m. and operate until late in the evening.

Q. WHO organizes these events?

A. This event was created by East to West Tourism in Longview at the request of its members. It relies on community support from each town and/or county tourism and chamber office to promote the events in their area. The success of the sales depends on coordination from each community.

Q. What does it COST to participate?

A. There is no fee to participate; however, some vendor spaces may charge a nominal rental fee to allow you to set up a booth. 

You also have options to be included in the advertising on the US 80  website produced by East to West Tourism. For questions or to request more information email or call (903) 757-4444.

Q. Is there an ADMISSION FEE?

A. NO. You should never have to pay admission. The event was not set up for that purpose.

Q. How long will it take me to get from Point A to Point B?

A. That depends on how disciplined you are and how much ground you want to travel in one day. If you stop at every yard sale then it may take you awhile. It is easy enough to 'cruise' the yard sales and travel a modest distance but it is also easy to get caught up in the event and spend three to four hours in one area. Pre-plan. Decide in advance how much time you want to spend in each area and try to stick with your plan. But most of all-have a good time and enjoy the sights and sounds.


A. The State Comptroller's office says for private individuals there is no tax charge on sales on your own property. If selling on the side of the road off of your own property, you must have a sales tax permit because you are 'in business.' No permit is necessary in your own yard for two times per year, but more than that and you are 'in business' as well. There is no charge for the permit. Inside the city limits you would pay tax plus county and state tax. Outside city limits you would pay county and state tax, and the county tax varies from county to county. 

For more information on how to get a sales tax permit form and how to submit taxes, etc., call the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts at 1-800-252-5555. 

In Louisiana for city permits call Shreveport City Hall, 318-741-8500 (8555 Tax) or Bossier City Hall, 318-673-5050. For the Louisiana State Treasury, call 225-342-0010.

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